• What is Rainbow Chefs Academy?

    Rainbow Chefs Academy is a health and nutrition campaign aimed at delivering fun cooking lessons to change the landscape of eating and curbing obesity and diabetes. 

  • What's our History? 

    In the past 5 years, we have since built 1800 partnerships and contracts with schools, community centers, and entire districts from San Diego to Sonoma. We are definitely not new in the game and have established a very reputable foundation, but are looking up up our business model. We have since revised our traditional service model for an online delivery platform to streamline our educational on-boarding process. 

  • Where are we now and what are we hoping to accomplish?

    Rainbow Chefs proprietary nutritional programs can be found active in all our educational partnerships throughout the California, but there are so many schools and networks that we hope to join by on-boarding more teachers and schools through out virtual platform.  We are limited by the number of chef instructors we have on hand, but hope to adopt more school networks by facilitating our delivery via their teachers, classroom space, and minimizing the upfront cost. Our new online delivery model creates access to all educational networks at a fraction of the cost!